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2 oz Glass Spray Bottle

2 Oz Amber Glass Misting Spray Bottle

Perfect Travel Size!

4 oz Green Glass Dropper Bottles

Gorgeous 4 oz Green Glass Dropper Bottles!

Glass Lotion Pump Bottle 16 oz

16 oz Glass Lotion Pump Bottle!

8 oz Glass Spray Bottle

8 Oz (240 mL) Amber Glass Spray Bottle!


4 Oz Green Glass Boston Round Bottle

Green Glass Boston Round - 4 oz

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass - An all-time favorite!  

$2.49 - $3.98
Valencia Orange Essential Oil

Strong and sweet citrus oil. 

$2.49 - $4.48
Blue Glass Spray Bottle 4 Oz

Cobalt blue glass with black pump! 

Industrial Glass Spray Bottle 16 oz

Same great glass bottle, but with an industrial strength trigger sprayer!



In order to lessen environmental impact, we dedicate time and effort to repurposing packaging materials whenever possible .  Your order (unless an expedited flat-rate service), will arrive well wrapped in clean, sturdy packaging.  We often make our own boxes out of other cardboard products.  This requires more effort than ordering large quantities of pre-made packaging in bulk, but lessening environmental refuse is worth the time!  We encourage you to do the same. :)